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BabyBundle is South Africa's first nappy subscription service
When you sign up for a subscription plan from BabyBundle it is committment free. BabyBundle.co.za is a specialised service where for your convenience we will deliver each BabyBundle directly to your door each month. And whats more, delivery is free to all major cities.  Also, included in each BabyBundle will be a few Magazines and 1 to 2 samples for mom and/or for baby.

What are the benefits of a nappy subscription vs going to the shops
1) We are a specialised service to help make your life easier. So its all about convenience with us!
2) We deliver directly to you (with free delivery to major cities) we can deliver to your home or place of work.
3) We include gifts for mom or baby
4) If nappy prices increase we aim where possible to only increase our prices 30 days after the prices in store go up.  Thus providing you with 1 extra months savings!
5) We will deliver your order to you month after month without you having to do anything. So no need to place your order every month. All you need to do is update your Bundle on a monthly basis to suite your needs.
6) You can cancel anytime

We do not only sell nappies
Together with your BabyBundle you can also choose to add a variety of extras that you will need for you baby including bum cream, wipes, formula baby oil, baby powder, nappy bags and more.  You can include these items each month in your BabyBundle.

You can change your subscription any time
As your baby grows and their needs change, so too can your BabyBundle.  You can change between nappy sizes as well as nappy brands at any time.  You can also change your quantity of nappies by downgrading or upgrading between our Baby and Toddler Bundles and you can add or subtract any extras from your order.  Changes are managed via our online platform by logging into your account and changing your BabyBundle.

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You can also find more answer to your questions in our Questions & Answers.

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